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Advocacy, Conservation, and Education

The Assateague Coastal Trust’s mission is to promote and encourage the protection of the health, productivity, and sustainability of the coastal bays watershed of Delmarva through advocacy, conservation, and education.

The Delmarva (Delaware, Maryland & Virginia) coastal area is a fragile, constantly changing ecosystem. Maintaining the health of this ecosystem is critical to preserving the way of life that is unique to the shore.

ACT is committed to protecting our watershed to ensure clean waterways for humans and wildlife, quality public health, and sustainable economic growth now and for future generations.

Featured Events

Coast Kids Event
Beach Scavenger Hunt on Assateague

Explore the beach at Assateague in search of its natural treasures. A State Park Ranger will then explain what you found, and show you some of the live animals who create amazing shells as part of their bodies. Please wear a hat, and bring sunscreen and bug spray

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Help Stop Water Pollution - Use Reporter App

The Assateague COASTKEEPER reminds you to download the water pollution reporting app for the Coastal Bays, the WATER REPORTER, by Viable Industries.

Citizens who are engaged are the best stewards of our coastal environment. Equipping you with this user friendly, free smart phone app is one way to help protect water quality in our coastal watershed.

The “Water Reporter” app engages citizens in preserving and protecting the waterways they love. If you see pollution, you can report it directly to the Coastkeeper and also automatically map the location simply using your phone and its camera.

Download the free app through your phone's app store.










Is the Water Safe?

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Top Stories & News

Assateague Coastal Trust took the first water samples May 20 to be used in the Waterkeeper Swim Guide . . .
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Upcoming Events

Coast Kids: Beach Scavenger Hunt
Nature Center of Assateague State Park
10:00am to 11:00am Read More >

Coast Kids: Canoeing on the Pocomoke River
Pocomoke River Canoe Company, Snow Hill
3:00pm - 4:300pm
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The Next Generation of
Environmental Stewards

Our Coast Kids program is a hands-on environmental education program that provides opportunities for kids and their parents to directly experience coastal Delmarva, appreciate the majesty of the Coastal Bays ecosystem, and become engaged in the mission to protect our natural heritage.

The mission of Coast Kids is to help participants to develop a sense of place - a geographical and ecological awareness that will result in more enjoyment, and ultimately more stewardship of the environment.

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An "On The Water Advocate"
For Our Waterways

The Assateague Coastkeeper® is your public advocate, protecting the Atlantic Coastal Bays for the people, plants, and animals who rely on clean and safe water.

The Coastkeeper® is an on-the-water monitor who patrols the watershed by boat in search of evidence of pollution or other water quality problems. The Coastkeeper® also reaches out to and engages citizens to provide additional eyes, ears and even noses to identify and report pollution sources.

You have a natural and legal right to water that is swim'-able, fish-able and drinkable. The Coastkeeper® is there to stand firmly on the side of you and your family to safeguard this right against polluters.

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A Campaign To Keep Offshore Oil Drilling Out Of The Atlantic Ocean

The Obama administration is proposing to open the waters off Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia to offshore oil and natural gas production beginning in 2017.

While the proposed leasing sites are outside of Assateague Coastal Trust’s operating region, the impacts of drilling and the threat of a potential spill are very real for Assateague Island, our coastal eco-system, and economy.

Here we hope to provide some information on the impact offshore drilling could have on our environment and economy and why we think offshore drilling is the wrong decision for our future.

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